Mayville girl, 17, cited amid investigation into group referred to as ‘school shooters’ on social media

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MAYVILLE — A girl, 17, from Mayville, was cited for disorderly conduct amid an investigation into a group of Mayville High School students being referred to as “school shooters” on social media.

According to a statement from Mayville Police Chief Ryan Vossekuil and Superintendent Scott Sabol, police and district administrators teamed up for the investigation and “every student” involved in this case was interviewed. The statement says “we are confident there is no known threat to the Mayville School District at this time.”

Again, a girl, 17, was cited for disorderly conduct in connection with this investigation.

The police chief and superintendent noted in their statement “the safety of our students and staff is first priority. We investigate every complaint, concern or rumor that is received regarding our school safety. It is imperative that we do everything we can as a community to protect our schools.”

If you hear or see something concerning, you’re asked to call the Mayville Police Department immediately at (920) 387-7903.