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MEARS Museum: Make money off your memorabilia, but how?

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SOUTH MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Memorabilia Evaluation and Research Services (MEARS) in South Milwaukee. MEARS online auctions specializes in pop culture, and historical memorabilia and collectibles. There is an open house at MEARS Museum on Monday night, Feb. 119 -- where you can get any memorabilia you might have appraised for free.

About MEARS (website)
Memorabilia Evaluation and Research Services (MEARS) was founded in order to assist collectors in making informed purchase decisions.  In doing so, we instituted many policies, techniques, and procedures that have become industry standards; although seldom replicated to our exacting standards.  As MEARS built collections and collector confidence, we also built relationships at both the individual and institutional level.  The natural extension of this unrivaled competency, customer service, and expertise was to help these same individuals and institutions grow and manage their collections.  Whether buying or selling, the MEARS cliental have and continue to look to the organization as the single entity that can address all of their needs.  Whether  it is in helping celebrities or families to liquidate life long collections or enabling lifelong collectors to find and acquire that “last one special artifact” or item to complete a set,  people around the world have to come to know they need look no further than MEARS.
As the only organization of its kind in the history of an entire industry,  the MEARS staff combines an unrivaled personal passion for collecting (just stop by the museum for one of our monthly open houses) with a mastery level knowledge of the market, artifacts, and collectibles that move through it.  If you are a previous or current MEARS customer, we say thank you.  If you are new to MEARS we say welcome and let’s make something great happen today.
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