Spark learning and creativity: Some Olympic-themed games you can play with your kids

MILWAUKEE -- Olympic fever is sweeping the nation as we all cheer on Team USA. And you can get your kids excited about the Winter Games too. Rebecca Michelsen with Penfield Children's Center joins Real Milwaukee with some Olympic activities you can do in your own home.


1. Wax paper skating: Stay warm ice skating in your own living room. Wrap your child`s feet in wax paper and let them skate on the carpet while you watch your favorite athletes on TV. You can also make an ice skating rink on the floor by taping down wax paper into a large square. Kids can skate on the 'rink' with their socks.

2. Broom hockey:Turn a laundry basket on its side, find balled up socks or something with a similar shape and use your broom to score a goal!

3. Build-your-own bobsled: All you need is a large box, paint/markers and some creativity! Kids love creating their own Olympic-inspired designs and can even come up with a team name that they write on the side of the sled.

4. Tabletop curling: Put a long piece of wax paper on a table, draw a target circle at the end and slide quarters toward the target.

5. Wrapping paper tube luge: Cut a wrapping paper tube in half, have each child take a tube and race cars down. Recycling as never been so fun!

These activities:
• Promote quality time as a family, as these activities appeal to a range of ages (even adults).
• Get kids moving and promote development of fine and gross motor skills.
• Encourage creativity - design your own bobsled, have fun turning recycled materials into new games.
• Have fun! Life is so crazy these days. Take some time this winter to play silly games with your kids.