Makes Cents Variety Store specializes in video gaming and pop culture collectibles

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Makes Cents Variety Store. They are a vintage pop culture/video game shop in Milwaukee. It's a family-owned and run by local gamers. They buy, sell, and trade.

About Makes Cents Variety Store (website)

We are a family owned local business who live, breath, and sleep GAMING!

After many years of chasing deals all over the country earning our stripes at flea markets and legendary yard sales we are proud to now have gone from a local storefront to online and beyond for all your nostalgia needs year round.

From Atari to Arcades MAKES CENTS has got you covered!!

After watching the gaming market here in Milwaukee not being satisfied and all the price gouging that is going on we decided that...


We know our customers by name, We care about you!!

Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask! We have a network of gamers vendors and suppliers and can locate nearly anything a collector could want!

With over 30 years of gaming amongst our staff we can help you get back into the gaming scene and have you reliving your childhood all over again! We love to talk about games and are very knowledgeable in the gaming culture!