‘Nothing more important:’ Rain doesn’t stop voters from casting ballot in spring primary

MILWAUKEE -- Tuesday, Feb. 20 was primary election day in Wisconsin. The only statewide race was that for Wisconsin Supreme Court. The two candidates receiving the most votes will be on the ballot in April.

Some said participation in this primary is crucial. At the Zeidler Building in Milwaukee, foot traffic was slow but steady.

"Certainly nothing compared to a presidential election or a gubernatorial election, but for a primary, that's still a pretty healthy turnout," said Neil Albrecht, executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission.

Neil Albrecht

Albrecht said the Milwaukee Election Commission estimated 8 to 10 percent of registered voters would turn out to cast their ballots in this spring primary.

"I always vote. I feel it's the most important right that we have, and I feel like our legislators are trying to take it away from us," said Lee Ann Kingston.

Some said it was their passionate opinions that brought them out to the polls.

"In this case, I feel very strongly about one candidate and I thought with the weather, and with only three candidates, I had to come out no matter what!" said Natalie Lloyd-Jones.

Others also made the short trip despite the rain.

"I got my umbrella. I'm parked right outside. It's not hard. I was in and out in five minutes! And if you really want things to change one way versus the other, I think it's important to be here to do this," said Nabeel Sahar.

"Those state Supreme Court justices make very important decisions that relate to the state of Wisconsin," said Albrecht.

"There's nothing more important than a Supreme Court election, and people don't realize it affects your life as much as anything you could vote for," said Kingston.

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