Milwaukee Co. sheriff’s deputies stop 29-year-old man from jumping off Hoan Bridge

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MILWAUKEE — Deputies with the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office stopped a man from jumping of the Hoan Bridge on Wednesday morning, February 21st.

Officials say around 2:20 a.m., deputies saw a man standing on the outside edge of the bridge. They tried talking to the man, stepping closer as they spoke. Authorities say the man began leaning backwards over the edge of the bridge and the deputies quickly grabbed onto him and brought him to safety.

The sheriff’s office says the 29-year-old man said he wanted to kill himself because, “he was upset that he had not found a job since graduating from college six years ago.”

Deputies transported the man to a mental health facility.

“This is the side of law enforcement that I love to see – compassionate, life-saving work performed through the deputies’ heroic efforts,” said Milwaukee County Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt. “They saved a person who was in emotional crisis and was prepared to kill himself, and he now has a chance to rebuild his life. There is help for those who are hurting! Cops show they care.”

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