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Teacher encourages creativity by letting students draw on her white dress

OKLAHOMA - An elementary school teacher in Oklahoma, Haley Curfman, took "art class" to the next level.

Usually, when dressed in all white, a room full of second graders equipped with paint and markers sounds like a nightmare.

For Ms. Curfman, it sounded like a moment of opportunity to allow kids to express their creativity.

The second grade teacher works with students at a school without art programs. So, for this project, she allowed students to draw or write something that "made them happy" on her plain white dress.

β€œI think every teacher should do this!,” she wrote on her Facebook page. β€œIt's a great project and an even better keepsake.”

Ms. Curfman said her favorite designs include a marshmallow man, hearts, and rainbows. She also received a lot of sweet notes from her students on the dress.

She posted the finished dress on Facebook and quickly found out that a lot of teachers across the nation do the same thing.