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Rumors of threat lead to increased security at Sheboygan South High School

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Sheboygan Police Department

SHEBOYGAN — There was increased security at Sheboygan South High School on Wednesday, Feb. 21 after rumors of a school threat were posted on social media. Police say there was “no credible threat” to anyone at Sheboygan South High School.

According to Sheboygan police, a student at South High School on Tuesday, Feb. 20 refused to check in with a school staff member when entering the commons area as required by school policy. The staff member called for assistance and eight members of the school security team responded to the commons area to help locate the student.

Police say students present in the commons saw the response and rumors began to spread within the school that staff was responding to an intruder in the school.

Following the incident, at least one student made a post to social media indicating a threat.

Police say the school security team responded to the false rumors by meeting with students to stop the spread of this false information, remove the post from social media, and stop the spread of fear within the school.

Later in the evening of Feb. 20, police say a ” local blogger who purports to be a media organization began to circulate unverified information on his website and social media accounts. His website posting included a screen shot of a Facebook post that had been removed hours earlier in response to the school’s efforts to stop the false rumors.”

Police say “the Information he posted and shared was not verified in any way as true or accurate.”

Sheboygan police say they will continue to work with and support the Sheboygan Area School District to ensure that all of students have as safe a school environment as possible.

Below is statement from the school principal, Kevin Formolo:

Good Evening SHS Community:

This is Kevin Formolo your school Principal and I’m writing this post in response to allegations of a school threat to South High School generated today through social media. School ADMINISTRATION has worked collaboratively with the Sheboygan Police Department and has determined there is no threat to South High School at this time. Even though we do not believe SHS is at risk, we will be taking extra security precautions tomorrow, Wednesday 2/21/18. In the morning, all students will need to enter the building through the Main Office. All other entrances to the school will be secured. All entry and exit to the building will be through the main office through the end of the school day. If you have questions and/or concerns please email me at