Brewers wear hats in support of Florida shooting victims, families during spring training

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- The Florida school shooting is on the minds of Milwaukee Brewers' players during spring training in Arizona. As the team began split-squad games Friday, Feb. 23, against the Chicago Cubs and New York Giants, they showed support for the victims and their families.

As baseball starts in the Cactus League Friday, there's still a stark reminder of what happened in Florida with the school shooting in Parkland. The flags are at half staff and while Brewers' Manager Craig Counsell is worried about baseball he is still very impressed by those high school students.

"I think we all think about how we all feel about public speaking moments and those were huge moments for young people who have been through a lot they were brilliant," Counsell said. "If you weren't proud of how they handled themselves, man like it made me proud how they handled themselves absolutely magnificent."

Along with the flag is the hats that the players were wearing during the game on Friday. Everybody in Major League Baseball had those hats honoring the high school.