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‘It’s a great brat:’ Hundreds celebrate Fred Usinger Day with a free sausage

MILWAUKEE -- It's an annual celebration that dates back 11 years -- and may be familiar only to people in and around Milwaukee. But it's one that everyone who takes part in enjoys! It's Fred Usinger Day.

A thousand free bratwurst were handed out in downtown Milwaukee on Friday, Feb. 23. It was all courtesy of the Usinger Sausage Company -- and happened inside the Old German Beerhall located across the street from Usinger's store on Old World Third St. in Milwaukee.

"Oh, we're going over 1,000 if we can. We've never reached the 1,000 mark, and that's what we're trying for this year," said Jacob Russell, Old German Beerhall.

Usinger Day

"It's a great brat. All the fixin's that you'd want. So what else could you ask for?" said customer Aaron Edelman.

Usinger Day

Sausage fans say this day is about slowing down and enjoying the tradition.. However, there will not be anything slow about it.

"It gets nuts in here, especially around lunch time because everyone just comes here for a free lunch," Russell said.

Whether you are getting a bite to eat or just grabbing a mug of beer, everyone is encouraged to enjoy themselves.

On Friday evening, Frederick Usinger IV was expected to tap a wooden keg of amber bock beer imported from Munich.