Apply now! Oak Creek IKEA looks to hire 300 full-time, 200 part-time positions

Oak Creek IKEA

OAK CREEK -- If you build it, they will come. As construction of the IKEA in Oak Creek nears its final stages, potential employees are jumping at the chance to work for the Swedish company.

At IKEA's Milwaukee office -- the line snaked out of the door on Saturday, February 24th.

"A little sacrifice and time to see what the outcome i," said Luis Velazquez who is looking to get hired.

The hopefuls didn't mind the wait because just on the other side of the glass -- opportunity awaited.

Oak Creek IKEA job fair

Oak Creek IKEA job fair

"It's worth it if you get the job," Velazquez said.

Saturday was the start of the hiring process for IKEA in Oak Creek.

"I'm looking forward to having a chance to work with them," said Anthony Dickens, who is also looking to get hired.

The home furnishing giant is set to open this summer and there's a job opening in every category.

"We have a little bit of everything from sales to customer service to what we call merchandising basics," Store Manager Samantha Gravina said. "If you're interested, now is the time."

Gravina said they are looking to hire people for more than 300 regular full-time and 200 seasonal positions. Job seekers are coming out in droves. "We have over 700 pre-registered to actually attend the event over the next two days," Gravina said.

Oak Creek IKEA job fair

After registering, the applicants will then interview with the leadership team. IKEA is looking for people who fit with store's culture and values. "All inclusive diverse group of people who are willing to share themselves with company and create really cool enjoy and fun places to work," Gravina described.

Oak Creek IKEA job fair

Prepared to share their resumes and experience, many eager to be part of the team were thankful to have had the chance to help build their future.

"I've got 43 years of sales. I love woodworking, making something in sales or assembling building equipment," said Vern Doonan, who is looking to get hired.

"I'm feeling really really good about it," said Michael Cramer, who is looking to get hired. "I'm very positive."

Those who interviewed could receive a call back or an offer within the next week or so. The hiring event continues Sunday, Feb. 25 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can still register or also apply online.

Oak Creek IKEA job fair