‘Stand up for what’s right:’ Marquette sheds light on sexual assault in ‘Student Body’ show

"Student Body"

MILWAUKEE -- Students at Marquette University are using theater to help tackle a tough topic. They are using performance of the play "Student Body" to help shed light on sexual assault. The performance intends to make people uncomfortable but also empower the audience to make changes.

Nicholas Cordonnier

"You want this show to be as real and as harsh as possible," said Nicholas Cordonnier, actor in show.

It is not an easy subject to take on but these actors are using performance to shine light on sexual assault.

"It's showing the world how to be an active bystander," said Caroline Norton, actor in show.

The play "Student Body," centers around a group of friends who come across video footage that show someone being sexually assaulted. The friends grapple with what is the moral next step to take.

"Student Body"

Caroline Norton

"The whole dilemma is what do we do with this information," said Norton. "Do we take it to the police? Do we do nothing about it? Do we go to the survivor of the incident?"

It's a performance where they want you to feel uncomfortable but also motivated to stand up for what's right.

"I want everyone who comes to see the show to put themselves in the characters' shoes and think 'what would I do in this production?'" said Cordonnier.

The hour-long show puts the audience right up front. It is followed by a round table discussion.

"Student Body"

A.J. Magoon

"It's important to sit down and see a show like this and it's important to talk about what you thought and talk about what you could do or what you would do differently," said A.J. Magoon, actor in show.

They want art to make a difference by changing hearts and minds.

"Don't let this situation happen in your lives, stand up for what's right," Norton said.

During the round table discussions, the students say they've been getting positive feedback. They are hopeful it is making a difference.

The final performance is Sunday, February 25th.

"Student Body"