Luther Manor donates 60+ appliances to Habitat for Humanity: ‘We can give them a second home’

WAUWATOSA -- Luther Manor, a senior living facility in Tosa, got an early start on its spring cleaning on Friday.

“We’ve got about 60 stovetops," said Dave Hahn, the Marketing Manager for Luther Manor. "About 20 refrigerators that we’re giving away, as well as some furniture and things.”

They were clearing out all those appliances to benefit Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity.

“They’re able to provide things that they no longer need," Jake Brandt, Director of Marketing and Communications for Habitat for Humanity, explained. "And we can give them a second home.”

The donation is part of an ongoing partnership between the two nonprofits.

Dave Hahn, the Marketing Manager for Luther Manor

“It’s about being able to bless and provide for people who may not necessarily be able to have the ability to do that on their own," Hahn said.

The fridges and ovens will go on sale to the public at Habitat’s three ReStores throughout Milwaukee County.

“That money is being filtered back into the community," said Brandt. "Helping build affordable homes for families.”

It’s social recycling. Some of the profits will go towards Habitat’s next project, the Midtown 100.

“We’re going to be building, rehabbing and repairing a hundred homes in the Midtown neighborhood over the next three years," Brandt stated.

Jake Brandt, Director of Marketing and Communications for Habitat for Humanity

After focusing efforts on the Washington Park neighborhood the last five years, the Midtown 100 will become Habitat’s most ambitious project yet.

“We’re going to be able to serve more families per year than ever before in the history of Habitat," said Brandt. "And build the highest-concentration of affordable, single-family homes every built in Milwaukee since World War II.”

It’s amazing how far an oven can go, when you give it a second life.

Habitat for Humanity will break ground on the Midtown 100 project on March 21st. They're always looking for help, for more information CLICK HERE.