Racine man with ‘gun holstered to his hip’ charged with stalking, impersonating a peace officer

Jeremy Wade

RACINE COUNTY — 28-year-old Jeremy Wade faces a felony charge of stalking and a misdemeanor charge of impersonating a peace officer in the City of Racine.

According to the criminal complaint, police were dispatched to a home in the City of Racine on Thursday, Feb. 15. The woman who called police indicated she and Wade went to high school together. In an interview, the woman told police Wade came to her home uninvited on Jan. 25. He “had a ‘badge’ hanging around his neck and a gun holstered to his hip.” Wade apparently stated “he was looking for a person by the name of ‘Zach Light'” and showed the woman a picture. She did not recognize this person.

In the days after that initial contact, the woman apparently received Facebook messages from a man identified as ‘Tony Morgan’ — who was also mentioning a man named ‘Zack’ and involvement with the DEA.

When police questioned Wade on Feb. 28, he said he went to the woman’s residence a month ago and has not returned. He “denied sending any Facebook messages.” Officers searched Wade’s car, and according to criminal complaint they “located a .45 caliber pistol and a plastic store package for a holster on the rear floor board.” When officials contacted the DEA, officials said there was not a DEA agent by the name of Jeremy Wade.

Wade made his initial appearance in court on Friday, Mar. 2. He’ll be back in court on Mar. 14 for a preliminary hearing.