‘It’s beyond reckless:’ Woman shot during attempted robbery near Booth and Meineke

MILWAUKEE -- A middle-aged woman is shot while trying to escape a violent scene. And it's not just what a group of men did -- but where it happened that has a Riverwest community on edge.

Yellow tape and police squads are an uncommon sight to see near Booth and Meineke.

"We've never had crime here before," said concerned resident Dyango Zerpa.

"It's shocking. It's very quiet around here," Alberto Rebolledo said.

The tranquility was rocked around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning, Mar. 3. "I heard the gunshots -- maybe five or six shots," Zerpa said. "It was really loud right in front of the house."

Police say three men approached a 57-year-old woman and tried to rob her. When she tried to escape, they opened fire. "For it to happen to a 57-year-old lady...that's ruthless," Rebolledo said. "It's kind of savage."

She was struck -- but thankfully will survive.

"It could be anybody," James Bailey said. "It could be my mother, my aunt, everybody. I feel bad for the lady."

Shooting near Booth and Meineke

Those in the area are appalled by the suspects' callous actions. "There's no limit to the badness out here. It's beyond reckless out here," Rebolledo said.

Now that violence has crept its way into this neighborhood -- residents have a message for each other. "Be careful. Watch where you're going. Watch your back," Rebolledo said.

Shooting near Booth and Meineke

They also have a word to say for those who are terrorizing the city. "To these young kids, all I have to say is: do what's right. Stop robbing people," Rebolledo said.

As for the suspects, police continue to search for them. They are still on the run.