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‘Leave behind a better legacy:” Whitefish Bay HS students raising money for new fitness area

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WHITEFISH BAY -- Students and staff at Whitefish Bay High School are taking a unique approach to raising money. The school is currently looking to update their fitness area and they've come up with a different way to help make the project a reality.

What's the fastest and most efficient way to raise more than $180,000 to renovate a school facility? If you ask students at Whitefish Bay High School, they say: personal invitations.

Jason Kasmarick

"Personal invitations are literally being handed to every person who lives in the village of Whitefish Bay," said Jason Kasmarick, the Activities Director at the high school.

A massive fundraising event is being held roughly a month away from Saturday, Mar. 3. to raise funds for renovations to the school's fitness area.

"They're opening up the big space with a bunch of fencing," said freshman Morgan Brower. "And they're going to put some turf down, have some ladders -- things like that."

Whitefish Bay High School fitness area plans

Whitefish Bay High School fitness area plans

Whitefish Bay High School fitness area plans

Fifty students from Whitefish Bay High School will be handing out 5,000 fliers. Each flier is going to be an invitation left on the houses' doorknobs inviting people to the gala.

"It will take a long time, but we're up for the task and I think it will be good," Brower said.

Senior Mia Brower is one of the team leaders helping drive the underclassmen around town.

Mia Brower

"Obviously it's not going to benefit me directly, but I think it's cool to leave behind a better, more improved, legacy," Mia said.

Students say the current facility is in desperate need of a face lift and updated equipment. Hopefully, their effort will pay off -- benefitting everyone.

"At Whitefish Bay: once a Blue Duke, always a Blue Duke," Mia said.

The fundraising event is Saturday, April 21. There's going to be country music, concessions, and even line dancing. More information about the project and how to make a donation can be found HERE.