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‘Getting worse:’ Heavy snow falls in Fort Atkinson as storm pushes toward Milwaukee

Chasing the storm from Milwaukee west

JEFFERSON COUNTY — Snow was making things slick out on the roads Monday, March 5. FOX6’s Bret Lemoine drove west to meet the storm and followed it as it rolled into the Milwaukee area.

It started out as a peaceful drive west, but as the clouds rolled in and the storm got closer, the drive from Milwaukee to Fort Atkinson became dangerous, first covering the ground in graupel, or soft snow pellets, and then turning more intense.

“It will probably be a little slippery, but we will go slow,” said Caitlin Kancannon of Fort Atkinson.

Chasing the storm from Milwaukee west

Chasing the storm from Milwaukee west

Outside Brock’s River Walk Tavern and Grill, a mixture of sleet and snow kept most indoors.

Brock’s River Walk Tavern and Grill

“It seems like it’s getting worse,” said Kancannon.

The Cheney family was brave enough to venture out to a birthday celebration for both of Kim Cheney’s daughters, but the snow was hardly a gift.

“I’ve been watching that car over there that’s been parked and the snow has been kinda piling up on it. I’m thinking about tomorrow and whether or not the kids will have school. Knowing Fort, they probably will. The plows will be out,” said Megan Lonsdale of Fort Atkinson.

The snow, combined with strong winds, poor visibility and slick roads will surely make the storm a standout.

“I’m ready for spring,” said Kancannon.