Pursuit of homicide, robbery suspect begins in Milwaukee, ends in Racine: ‘It shot by going like 110’

MILWAUKEE -- A high-speed police pursuit that started in Milwaukee ended in Racine Sunday night, March 4 with the suspect getting away. It all started because the vehicle was wanted in connection with another crime -- a homicide/robbery in Milwaukee.

Cell phone video shows an SUV barreling down a Racine street. The vehicle recklessly darted down Washington Ave. with a parade of police just seconds behind.

"I was really shocked to see that happen in Racine," said Keshaun Corbitt.

Keshaun Corbitt

Corbitt caught a glimpse of the unfolding chase Sunday night. He said the person behind the wheel was easily hitting triple digits.

"It shot by going like 110," Corbitt said.

The pursuit started on Milwaukee's north side. Police say officers spotted a vehicle wanted in a recent armed robbery and homicide. The driver peeled off, leading law enforcement south in a miles-long, multi-city chase.

"We seen like five go by and then two minutes later, we seen more people," Corbitt said. "When I heard the screeching, I was like, 'man, who is that driving crazy like that?!'"

One witness said the commotion sparked her to lock her doors and call loved ones nearby.

Racine police said the chase ended near Racine Park High School -- with the driver ditching the vehicle and running off.

Police have yet to release information on which homicide and armed robbery the vehicle could have been involved in.

The search continues for the suspect.