‘Don’t go to school:’ 3 Fond du Lac HS students arrested after threat posted to Snapchat

FOND DU LAC — Three Fond du Lac High School students have been arrested in connection with a threat made on social media Monday, March 5. That’s in addition to the arrest of a boy, 16, from Arkansas. Fond du Lac police say the four individuals arrested were playing Xbox online when they hatched the plan.

According to police, the suspects told investigators the Snapchat post was “meant as a joke,” and they were looking to get school canceled for the day.

Police say the post read:

“Attention Fondy Highschool (sic) students I’ve been informed that there is going to be a school shooting tomorrow (3/5/18) I don’t know if this is true but I wouldn’t trust it don’t go to school tomorrow.”

Investigators have found no evidence that these individuals were looking to carry out any violence at the school.

The three Fond du Lac High School students have been referred for charges at the juvenile level — making terrorist threats, as party to a crime.

Police said the Arkansas boy has previous ties to the Fond du Lac area.

Police said they’re applauding the students who received this disturbing message and brought it to the attention of their parents, who contacted law enforcement, and noted that “threats or references to school shootings are taken very seriously and will result in very serious criminal charges for those found responsible for making those threats.”