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Kids and haircuts: Some tricks for making the first trim less traumatic

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MILWAUKEE -- A first haircut can be traumatic for some kids -- and mom and dad too! Hairstylist Jonelle Tod with Supercuts joins Real Milwaukee with some tricks to keep the tears away during that first trim.

  1. Go to a salon and a stylist you know and trust.
  2. A good stylist knows it takes a little longer, and they`ll have more patience.
  3. This process might be stressful for mom and dad too. Going to a stylist you feel comfortable with, will ease some of your own anxiety.
  4. If your child has a favorite toy, if they love to play with your phone, if they need their pacifier, bring them all!
  5. Also, some parents may like to give a reward afterwards. This is one way to help your child associate getting a hair trim with something good and could make the second trip to the salon much easier.
  6. Avoid allowing your child to look in the mirror during the cut. Turn the chair around. Allowing your child to watch the hair being cut can scare them. Also, make sure they`re not seeing all of the hair on the floor. It`s hard for them to understand what`s going on and they might get frightened.
  7. Try to avoid the word 'cut'. Kids will associate that with something bad. Instead, talk about 'getting their hair done' or 'getting a trim'.
  8. Don't be rushed and your stylist shouldn`t be rushed either. You may need to take several breaks.
  9. Make the appointment around your child`s schedule. Don`t schedule a trim when your kid usually takes a nap or right before snack time. That will make them even more fussy.
  10. come to the salon early! It gives your child time to get familiar with the surroundings before their trim.
  11. If possible, allow your little one to watch you get your hair cut or an older sibling get their hair trimmed first. Watching the process on someone else will help teach them there is nothing to be afraid of.