‘I’m not wrong for anything:’ Milwaukee Lyft driver disputes claims he raped unconscious passenger

MILWAUKEE -- The allegations are disturbing. A woman says she was picked up by a former Milwaukee Lyft driver who raped her. The Lyft driver tells FOX6 News, that never happened.

"I'm not wrong for anything. That's why I'm out of jail," said the Lyft driver.

According to a search warrant, a woman said 26-year-old Abdul Anwar Shah, picked her up after a night out at several Third Ward bars back in September, 2017. The woman told police she passed out during her Lyft ride home and woke up to the driver raping her.

It's an allegation Anwar Shah says, is just not true.

Abdul Anwar Shah

FOX6's Aaron Maybin: "Is the person telling the truth?"

Shah: "No. She lie."

Anwar Shah is originally from Burma, and relies on driving to make a living. He says the woman was drunk and unconscious in his car and he eventually had to force her out.

Investigators located Anwar Shah after tracing him through the Lyft app. He was taken into custody for questioning before being released.

Abdul Anwar Shah

Police requested the search warrant to collect data from his cellphone and to search his car for any DNA evidence.

In a statement to FOX6, Lyft said, in part "these allegations are horrifying...we have reached out to the passenger, and deactivated the driver. We stand ready to assist law enforcement with an investigation."

The woman is listed in the search warrant by her initials, which is done to protect her identity. As a result, the documents are all FOX6 News has to tell her side of the story.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office says the case is still under review.