Construction update: A look at the upcoming projects that could impact your commute

MILWAUKEE -- Ryan Luck with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation joins FOX6 WakeUp to talk about the upcoming construction projects that could impact your commute.

I-41/I-894 Rehabilitation Project
Wednesday, March 14
Overnight Full Closure I-43/894 West at 76th Street for traffic switch - 10 p.m. - 5 a.m.

Valley Bridge Overlay Project:
A reminder that all the I-794 West Ramp to I-43 South is now closed until late-June and the I-94 East ramp to I-43 South is now closed until late July. So if you use either of these ramps to head south from the city, beginning today....

Alternate routes:
The primary North / South detour route is the Hoan Bridge.
Detours available are either

  • I-794 East (southbound) to Carferry exit, follow the detour and enter I-43 South at Lapham/Becher
  • Continue on I-794 East (southbound) to Layton with access to the Airport or I-43 South

Heading south on 6th Street to I-43 South is also a great option

The I-43 North ramps to I-794 and Plankinton closed last week so just reminder of routes:

  • Exit at Becher and follow the detour to I-794 West (Hoan Bridge)
  • Exit at National and follow 6th Street in to downtown
  • Exit at 10th and Michigan and take Michigan east into downtown