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Army soldier who served in WWII, earned 20 medals celebrates his 101st birthday 🎂

FOND DU LAC — All of Fond du Lac helped a veteran celebrate his 101st birthday this weekend.

James Megellas, also known as “Maggie,” served in World War II. He earned the most awards in the history of his division — the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne.

City and state leaders were there to honor him, and he even go ta phone call from House Speaker Paul Ryan and a letter from President Donald Trump.


His heroics earned him a movie about his life, called “Maggie’s War.”

“They came across a contingent of about 500 Germans that were heading into their path, and Maggie used the element of surprise to completely overpower an advantage that the enemy had, numbering 10-1,” said Jim Neumann, event organizer.

Maggie earned more than 20 military medals, including two Silver Stars and a “Distinguished Service Cross.”