2nd competency exam ordered for mother accused of killing son, 4, found partially burned

Amelia Di Stasio

MILWAUKEE — A judge has ordered a second competency examination for a Milwaukee mother accused of killing her son, 4, by setting him on fire.

The first competency examination supports Amelia Di Stasio’s not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect plea.

In court on Tuesday, March 13, Di Stasio waived her right to a jury trial.

The return of the second doctor’s report was set for May 1, and a court trial is set to begin in July.

Antonio Di Stasio

According to a criminal complaint, authorities were called about smoke at Di Stasio’s apartment near 17th and Grant on Milwaukee’s south side on Sept. 28. They found her son Antonio’s burned and lifeless body in the bathtub. The mother was not home. A witness says she saw Di Stasio climb out of the apartment window and run away.

The boy had autism.

A police officer later found Di Stasio walking and arrested her.