Busted after bra heist: Women accused of stealing $11K worth of merchandise from Victoria’s Secret

FOLSOM, Calif. -- Two women from the San Francisco Bay Area were arrested in Folsom Friday night, March 9 after the Folsom Police Department said they stole "several large bags" of clothing, specifically bras, from Victoria's Secret.

Blanca Quintero, 22, of Richmond, Calif. and Antanae Welch, 19, of Pittsburg, Calif. were arrested around 8 p.m. near the Palladio shopping center in Folsom, Calif.

Police say they stole the items from Victoria's Secret.

Before they could escape the store, an employee tried to stop them and Quintero attempted to pepper spray the employee. That employee was not hurt.

After receiving a description of the suspect vehicle, police were able to track the two down and arrest them.

Investigators say the grand total for the stolen goods was $11,000.

Along with theft and conspiracy, the women face other charges as well. Police say Quintero is also charged with using tear gas to commit a crime. She also had an outstanding warrant from San Mateo County.

Welch is also facing a charge of possession of counterfeit money. Police said they found a fake $100 bill during their investigation.