‘Shaken up:’ Mother, son hid in bedroom as 3 armed suspects ransacked their Milwaukee home

Burglary while armed on Milwaukee’s south side

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say they are investigating a report of a burglary while armed -- one that was captured by multiple surveillance cameras.

Officials say they responded to a home in the neighborhood near 35th and Manitoba around 10:20 p.m. on Saturday, March 10. Three unknown suspects, who were armed, broke into a home and stole several electronics.

"I'm still a little shaken up," said Thevy Pena, victim.

Burglary while armed on Milwaukee’s south side

The images and experience of three crooks breaking into Pena's home will forever be embedded in her mind.

"I still get nervous," said Pena.

Home surveillance cameras caught one of them kicking in the door.

Burglary while armed on Milwaukee's south side

"I heard a loud noise," Pena said.

Pena's son, 12, who was on the couch -- jumped up and ran upstairs.

"I saw him running in my room saying, 'Mom, somebody is breaking in the house.' I'm like 'oh my God, like, he's not joking.' I saw it in his eyes," said Pena.

The masked suspects with guns drawn, scoured the home and rummaged around for valuables.

Burglary while armed on Milwaukee’s south side


"We locked the door," said Pena. "My son was on the phone with police like 'somebody is in the house. We need help.'"

Trapped and huddled in her room, with her little dog barking hysterically, Pena made a plan to escape.

"I told him, 'Junior, if they break in this room, we are going to have to jump off the balcony,'" said Pena.

In the midst of bracing themselves for a scary confrontation...

"They tried to make their way to the stairs. They stopped," Pena said. "We were standing on the balcony and all of a sudden the back door opened and they were running out and I'm like, 'oh my God. There's like three of them.' That freaked me out even more."

Burglary while armed on Milwaukee’s south side

Seeing the gun-wielding assailants had Pena thinking about 'what if.'

"If they would have made it upstairs, anything could have happened," Pena said. "Just having that feeling...is this how it's going to end?"

While the thieves took electronics, Pena later got something of her own.

"We went and got protection," said Pena.

The home invaders were not deterred by all of the lights and the fact people were inside. Pena encourages everyone to make a safety plan and said if you know anything about the suspects, please call police.