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Gabrielle Giffords PAC targets House Speaker Paul Ryan in new gun control ad

MILWAUKEE -- House Speaker Paul Ryan has become a top target of a group founded by Gabrielle Giffords, the former congresswoman seriously hurt in a shooting in Arizona.

The new online ad uses President Donald Trump's tough words to some members of Congress to support its own claims against Speaker Paul Ryan. "Some of you are petrified of the NRA (National Rifle Association)," President Trump told some members of Congress during a meeting in early March.

The ad accuses Ryan of having "blocked all action to strengthen our gun laws."

It goes on to say, "the gun lobby gave Ryan over $350,000, more than any other member of Congress."

The ad sources that data to the Center for Responsive Politics, a watchdog group that tracks campaign contributions.

Using the same source, FOX6 News found Ryan's campaign has been among the biggest recipients from gun rights groups in each of the last three elections.

Ryan's aides have said his policy agenda is not swayed by campaign contributions.

The speaker's critics say his comments on the radio after February's shooting at a Florida high school show he's not doing enough. He told a radio host that lawmakers "don't just knee-jerk before we even have all the facts and all the data."

Ryan's team has pointed to gun policies the speaker has supported. Those include a bill encouraging states to improve their reporting to the federal background check system, and mental health legislation passed in 2016.

Ryan has said the ATF -- not lawmakers -- should consider new regulations on bump stocks, which allow semiautomatic weapons to function more as an automatic weapon.

A Giffords PAC spokesman said the ATF review could take months or years and Congress should act more swiftly to ban bump stocks.

Ryan aides also pointed out a scheduled House vote this week to provide funding for school districts to respond to threats and install metal detectors and locks.