Milwaukee man charged after 5 tortoises stolen from Pet World in West Allis

Gary Kaczynski

WEST ALLIS — A Milwaukee man has been charged in connection with the theft of five Sulcata tortoises stolen from Pet World in West Allis. Gary Kaczynski is facing one count of felony retail theft.

According to the criminal complaint, Kaczynski stole the tortoises from the business located near 108th and Oklahoma. It happened on Feb. 26 but wasn’t discovered until Feb. 28.

The theft was caught on camera.

According to the complaint, the surveillance video shows Kaczynski reach into the turtle tank with his right arm. He appears to have concealed the turtles into the sleeve of his jacket.

The complaint indicates the turtles have a retail value of $179.99 a piece  — for a total value of $899.95.

Kaczynski’s mother, father and his own young son say they saw him stealing five baby tortoises from Pet World in West Allis while watching our report on FOX6 News. They said when they saw the surveillance video on the news, the suspect’s coat, hat and neck tattoo made it immediately clear to them who it was. They said they called the police in an effort to save his life.

His mother and stepfather told FOX6 News on Monday, March 12 Gary Kaczynski stole the five baby Sulcata tortoises to pay for drugs.

As for those five baby tortoises, they have not been recovered.