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‘There’s a giant hole in my house:’ Apartment fire breaks out near scene of crash

MILWAUKEE -- A car crashed into a home early Tuesday morning, March 13 on the city's northwest side -- near Timmerman Airport. Then, as firefighters were on scene -- a fire broke out in an apartment building a few feet away.

Police and fire initially responded to the area of Appleton and Lancaster around 6:10 a.m. for a two-vehicle crash.

One of the vehicles crashed into the foundation of a home. The homeowner says the crash woke her up.

Crash near Lancaster and Appleton


Crash near Lancaster and Appleton

"There's a giant hole in my house. It's kind of a unique experience. I'm going to experience it as much as I can," said Angela Baldwin, homeowner.

An electrical pole was also destroyed.

"That part sounded like an explosion, like the end of the world," said Vincent Darby, neighbor.

Crash near Lancaster and Appleton

Crash near Lancaster and Appleton

As We Energies crews were clearing away downed power lines -- firefighters on scene noticed smoke coming from an adjacent apartment building.

"The smoke had a little bite to it, meaning something was really burning, so we called in a full assignment," said MFD Battalion Chief Dewayne Smoots.

Shortly before 8:00 a.m. firefighters began evacuating several apartments until the fire was located in a second floor unit.

Fire near Lancaster and Appleton

Fire near Lancaster and Appleton

Battalion Chief Smoots say there was a family inside the apartment where the fire broke out. He says everyone made it out and there were no injuries.

A witness says at least one person was transported by paramedics.

At this time, it is unclear what caused the accident or the fire.