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Gov. Walker, Speaker Ryan attend annual Lincoln Day Dinner with plans for months ahead

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Lincoln Day Dinner

BURLINGTON -- Two of Wisconsin's top Republicans shared the same room in Burlington Friday evening, March 16. Governor Scott Walker and House Speaker Paul Ryan, spoke before the Republican Party of Kenosha County, and shared a bit of their game plans for the months ahead at the annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

"This is the first ever Lincoln Day I have every attended. I came here," said House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan

Ryan, touted how far Republicans have come in the state. Coming off a tough week, where Republicans in Washington appear to have lost a seat in a major upset in a special election in Pennsylvania. Ryan did not mention the race specifically.

"We feel like we have the wind at our backs...but all the procrastinators will say we have the wind in our face," said Ryan. "We've got to tell our story. With razor-thin Senate majority. Ever heard the filibuster? Don't get me started."

Governor Scott Walker, did mention the surprise upset when Democrats recently picked up a state representative seat -- a sign of tough campaigns ahead.

Scott Walker

"We said it's a wake-up; we said it's not a distress call, it's a wake-up call," said Walker. "The message to be learned, and the message is that our neighbors can't forget all the good things we did in the State of Wisconsin."

Walker asked for a call of action.

"If we're not focused, all those good things could slip away. I don't want to go back," said Walker.

Two of the Wisconsin's most powerful Republicans, face a busy political season ahead.

Democratic congressional challenger Randy Bryce released a statement before Friday's event:

"It is unacceptable that Speaker Ryan has not only failed to designate significant new resources to the opioid crisis following the President's declaration of a public health emergency, but that he also continues to take campaign contributions from irresponsible pharmaceutical corporations. Paul Ryan is no longer looking out for the Wisconsin families and communities who are trying to fight back against this crisis, he is looking out for the donors and lobbyists he's seen every day in Washington for last two decades in office."

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