Grafton man charged in wake of vandalism rampage in police department lobby

David Dondlinger

MILWAUKEE -- A 22-year-old Grafton man now faces multiple charges after going on a bit of a rampage in the Grafton Police Department lobby.

The accused is David Dondlinger. He faces the following criminal charges:

  • Criminal damage to property, repeater
  • Disorderly conduct, repeater

According to the criminal complaint, officers were dispatched to the Grafton Police Department lobby on Sunday, March 11. A man identified as Dondlinger, had walked into the lobby and "immediately began screaming and kicked a hole in the wall near the entryway." The complaint indicates Dondlinger then pulled brochures out, broke brochure holders off the wall, pulled pictures off the wall, smashed those pictures and even jumped on one of them.

Man destroys lobby at Grafton Police Department

Man destroys lobby at Grafton Police Department

The complaint says Dondlinger "went into some of the open rooms of the lobby where he also broke glass, smashed a latch, and caused other damage." Officers arrived a few moments after this -- and Dondlinger was taken into custody.

During their investigation, officers "discovered a bottle of Mello Yello and an unopened bottle of Gordon's vodka."