On the hunt for Alvin Cooley: US Marshals say warrants for this fugitive keep piling up

Alvin Cooley

MILWAUKEE -- U.S. Marshals say the warrants keep piling up for this wanted fugitive. The latest allegations against him are for fleeing from police with a woman and children in the car. The agent on the case says Alvin Cooley, 33, also known as 'Lil Al,' 'A-Life' and 'D-Boy,' continues to show total disregard for the law.

The major crime that took away his freedom for a decade was an armed robbery that turned deadly in 2001.

“During this incident, Cooley and three other man decided they were going to rob one of his former neighbors. They thought he had a large amount of drugs and money in his apartment. The four of them went there and the robbery went bad and the victim was shot several times and killed,” the agent explained.

Cooley was sentenced to 25 years. He would serve ten years in prison the remainder would be on parole. But he hasn't followed the rules of parole -- and now there are five warrants out for his arrest.

“One is for domestic violence offenses, paternity case, bail jumping, disorderly conduct,” the agent said.

The latest allegations against Cooley are from May of last year.

“Back in May of 2017, Cooley fled from a vehicle with West Allis police. Two days later, he fled again after reports he assaulted a female,” the agent said.

Cooley frequents West Allis and the north side of Milwaukee. Authorities say that it was later found out he wasn't alone in the vehicle during the chase.

“He allegedly put this woman and her two children in harm`s way by driving at extreme rates of speed recklessly on the highway to the point this police department had to stop the pursuit,” the agent said.

Now agents are turning to FOX6 News viewers for information that can lead to Cooley’s arrest before his actions get someone hurt.

“Let us know what you know. You will always remain anonymous with us,” the agent said.

Call U.S. Marshals at 414-297-3707 if you have information that could assist in Cooley's apprehension.