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Wisconsinites welcome spring early at the Spring Equinox Celebration at the Domes

Spring Equinox Celebration at Mitchell Park Domes

MILWAUKEE -- The spring equinox is Tuesday, March 20, but some just couldn't wait! They took advantage of a nearly perfect day on Sunday, March 18 -- with temperatures near 60, sunshine and blue skies -- to celebrate spring's arrival at the Mitchell Park Domes.

"I'm happy!" said Caden Pagenkopf. "I'm going to miss winter a little bit, but I got a little tired of it after a while."

Inside the Mitchell Park Domes, people came out of hibernation for the Spring Equinox Celebration .

Caden Pagenkopf

"This is a celebration of everything that you think of: planting seeds, getting ready for everything that you're going to do outside," said Paula Zamiatowski with the Mitchell Park Domes.

The official spring equinox isn't until Tuesday, March 20, so the celebration came a few days early, but visitors at the Domes didn't seem to mind.

"It's been a long winter, and I'm done with it," said Ted Jorin.

Spring Equinox Celebration at Mitchell Park Domes

Spring Equinox Celebration at Mitchell Park Domes

Spring Equinox Celebration at Mitchell Park Domes

Spread across the Domes were vendors selling their spring-influenced goods to visitors looking to get a head start on the season, and while most seemed to be excited about the temperatures consistently being in the double digits -- others said they have even more to look forward to.

"Because my birthday is in summer. Whenever it gets warmer, it's getting closer to my birthday," Pagenkopf said.