A better beverage: Bottled drinks that keep the calories down, but up health benefits

MILWAUKEE -- You're at the store and thirsty -- skip the soda! Heather Ferber with Better Health by Heather joins Real Milwaukee with healthy bottled drinks that keep the calories down, but up health benefits.

Unsweetened Green Tea (Honest Organic) - A long time staple that's been around for centuries. Loaded with antioxidants that have been shown to reduce inflammation, slow the aging process, improve memory, and protect against cancer. It can be enjoyed hot or cold and best unsweetened if you are watching your sugar and calories.

Green Juice (Healthy Roots Fortitude) - Full of alkalizing greens and plant chlorophyll that help cleanse the human body while providing a large dose of easy to absorb vitamins, minerals and enzymes. You can drink over two pounds of vegetables in a glass of cold pressed, green juice!

Coconut Water (365 Brand) - Coconut water may be the perfect beverage for restoring hydration and replenishing electrolytes lost during exercise including potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. Also a great source of
Vitamin C. Enjoy cold with your favorite post workout snack.

Golden Milk (Rebbl Turmeric Milk) - A creamy blend of coconut milk, turmeric and black pepper that has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits and may boost your brain function. It can be enjoyed cold or warm, as a delicious after dinner dessert drink as it has a hint of honey.

Sparkling Probiotic Drinks (KeVita's Blueberry Cherry & GT`s Cayenneade Kombucha) - Fermented beverages that give a boost of good bacteria to the gut. Watch for kombuchas that contain a lot of sugar and be aware of the servings sizes in each bottle. Drink half the bottle if it`s on the higher sugar end.