‘Stop fighting my dog!’ Burlington man accused of attempting to choke, bite K-9 during arrest

Leland O'Malley

TOWN OF DOVER -- A Burlington man, 44, faces multiple charges in connection with an incident that happened late Monday, March 19 in the Town of Dover. Leland O'Malley is being held in the Racine County Jail on the following misdemeanor charges:

  • Two counts of disorderly conduct
  • One count of resisting arrest
  • One count of striking a police animal

The criminal complaint reads like a comedy of errors -- only it's a serious matter with some potentially serious consequences.

Officials say shortly before midnight, dispatchers took a call that there was a man outside of a Dover house that would not leave and appeared to be intoxicated. The man was walking around the house banging on windows and doors yelling that he wanted to be let into the house to sleep.

Deputy Fisher, with his K-9 partner "Murphy," saw O'Malley pounding a window. Fisher ordered him to step out. O'Malley refused. The complaint says O'Malley also refused to "removed his hand from his pocket."

Deputy Fisher, with his K-9 partner "Murphy"

Under the threat of the K-9 being released on him, O'Malley stepped forward, but then began to increase his speed toward the officer -- ignoring his command to "stay back."

Believing O'Malley was going to assault him, Deputy Fisher released Murphy, who "took hold of the defendant's arm." O'Malley "wrapped his arm around the K-9's head" and appeared to "attempt to bite the K-9," twice.

Fisher yelled, "Stop fighting my dog!" O'Malley complied and the K-9 was removed from the bite.

The court set O'Malley's cash bond at $200.

The residents in the home tell FOX6 News they were frightened when O'Malley was pounding on the window. They didn't know if he had a gun or what he wanted.