DNR confirms big cat caught on trail cam in Colgate was a cougar

COLGATE — The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources confirms the latest big cat sighting — captured on a trail camera in Colgate on March 13 — was indeed a cougar.

FOX6 Viewer Kelly W., reached out with a photo with the picture that she said was captured by the trail cam located just north of Highway Q in Colgate. Kelly said the image was captured around 9 p.m. on March 13, in a wooded area on her property.

Possible cougar spotted in Colgate (Credit: Kelly W. & Kyle W.)

“Having the property we have, I was very surprised to see that,” said Kelly.

The image was on the DNR’s radar, and on Wednesday, March 21 they confirmed the sighting was a cougar.

In February, a cougar was confirmed in Colgate after it was captured by home surveillance cameras. Scott Walter with the DNR said this could be the same cat.

Cougar in Colgate

DNR officials said it’s likely the cat is on the prowl for a mate, and no one should be alarmed — but neighbors in Colgate said they’re on guard.

“Obviously going to be guarded for our neighbors, the kids in the area and our animals,” said Kelly.

If you think you’ve spotted a cougar, you’re asked to fill out the DNR’s “Large Mammal Observation Form,” which you can access HERE.