‘Heartless:’ Michael Birk sentenced for sexual assault, trying to arrange victim to be killed

Michael Birk

MILWAUKEE — The man convicted for raping a woman with sex toys and then trying to arrange for the victim to be killed was sentenced on Thursday, March 22.

A Milwaukee County judge sentenced Michael Birk to 38 years for first degree sexual assault — and another 25 years for conspiracy to commit first degree intentional homicide.

Investigators say Birk broke into a Milwaukee home and sexually assaulted a woman. Then, while in jail, prosecutors say an inmate told authorities Birk approached him and offered $10,000 to have the victim killed.

Michael Birk

The victim’s family spoke to the judge in court Thursday.

“To hurt my family and then try to kill them is something I cannot forgive and I wonder how anyone with a soul can commit this much pain,” said a family member.

Birk apologized to the family.

The judge called Birk’s actions “heartless, egregious and horrific.”