Life in prison for man who murdered his estranged wife; he told court, ‘I lost control of my mind’

MILWAUKEE -- The man who brutally murdered his estranged wife and became a fugitive for almost five years was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday, March 22.

Jose Luis Discua-Bados

Jose Luis Discua-Bados was sentenced for first degree intentional homicide for a crime that took place in 2012. That is when he brutally killed Diana Garcia on Milwaukee's south side. He beat her with a 2x4 and then stabbed her to death.

Discua-Bados knew the conviction carries a mandatory life in prison sentence. But the court could have given him the ability to request release after 20 years. But the judge took away that ability.

Jose Luis Discua-Bados

"I hope that all that time that you're in there now you listen to your conscience. And now all that time that you're going to have in there, I hope you do feel some type of remorse," said Claudia Hernandez, the victim's sister.

"Our Lord knows how regretful I am. At that moment, I lost control of my mind completely," said Discua-Bados through an interpreter.

Discua-Bados and Garcia had a child together.

Jose Luis Discua-Bados