‘I commend them for their courage:’ Mayor Tom Barrett shows support of ‘March For Our Lives’ rally

MILWAUKEE -- Thousands are expected to attend a "March For Our Lives" rally in Milwaukee Saturday, March 24 and students ares hoping to apply enough pressure on lawmakers to make significant changes.

The rally starts at the Milwaukee County Courthouse and ends at Red Arrow Park.  Students behind the rally in Milwaukee say while the opposition to their cause may be strong they and thousands of their supporters will not be intimidated.


These students have one thing in common.

Linnea Stanton

"We need to call for action upon our legislatures," said Marquette student Linnea Stanton.

They are part of a month-long campaign by young people -- calling for the ban of assault style weapons and universal background checks for all gun sales.

"We support the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms. But with that right comes responsibility," Obama High School student Marvell Reed said.

Marvell Reed

On Saturday, March 24, thousands are expected to attend "March For Our Lives" rallies across the country -- this follows the nation wide student walk out. The movement sprung from the mass shooting at a Florida high school on Valentine's Day.

"We are undergoing a transformational period lead by young people," Mayor Tom Barrett said.

Mayor Tom Barrett says he's inspired by the students behind the rally in Milwaukee.

"I commend them for their courage for speaking up against gun violence," Barrett said.

On Thursday, March 22, assembly republicans approved a new database check for rifle sales from licensed dealers -- something handgun purchasers already go through. The assembly plan also includes a 24-hour tip line for school threats. But democrats like Barrett say this isn't enough because the background checks aren't covering private gun sales.

"The fact that our governor and a lot of our legislators permit this huge loophole to exist, I think, is a disservice to the people they represent," Barrett said.

Students say while the opposition to their cause may be strong they and thousands of their supporters will not be discouraged.

"March for your families lives, march for our lives," student Isabella Staton said.

Barrett says that security measures are in place to make sure students are safe during the rally. Students will also have voter registration available at Red Arrow Park for the young people in attendance.