‘Enough is enough:’ Hundreds ‘March for Our Lives’ in Milwaukee, seeking student safety

"March for Our Lives" Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Coming together to push for change, hundreds of thousands of people took part in rallies nationwide and around the world, seeking safety for all students after the Parkland, Florida massacre.

There was a sea of people outside the Milwaukee County Courthouse on Saturday, March 24, with signs supporting protection of lives -- not guns.

"The gun violence is absolutely ridiculous," said Jennifer Hicklang.

"March for Our Lives" Milwaukee

"March for Our Lives" Milwaukee

"March for Our Lives" Milwaukee

Many in downtown Milwaukee shared the same sentiment.

"Enough is enough," said Hicklang.

They said they're fed up, as kids are living and learning in fear.

"It could have been us shot or killed. I think it's time we stand for ourselves. Not only for ourselves but for each other," said Claire Watson.

Students, parents and community members stood together to say never again -- after 17 people were slain inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. on Valentine's Day.

"March for Our Lives" Milwaukee

March for Our Lives event in Milwaukee

"These kids aren't backing down. I'm very hopeful that they will be the change," said Elizabeth Krahn.

Krahn is an alumna of MSDHS in Parkland.

"I knew two of the victims," Krahn said.

"March for Our Lives" Milwaukee

March for Our Lives event in Milwaukee

Holding a poster with a murder victim's name -- Krahn said her hope is that no future gestures of remembrance will have to be made. They opted to "March for Our Lives" and used Saturday to call upon lawmakers to make safety a priority.

"We have to put pressure on the politicians until we see change happening with the guns laws. It's time to have some common sense guns laws," said Hicklang.

Even those in Milwaukee who are gun advocates said they have reservations.

"I've been hunting and fishing even before I can remember. Never, even in my adult life, feel there's need for an assault weapon," Kurtis Gelhar said.

It was an effort to raise awareness while sending a message to politicians.

March for Our Lives event in Milwaukee

"It's not only about guns. It's about healthcare," Tara Fox said.

"We are all out here saying 'we are done, politicians. You need to listen to us now. We are going to vote you out if you don't listen to us,'" said Hicklang.

The march started at the Milwaukee County Courthouse and ended at Red Arrow Park -- but these efforts will continue on.

This was just one of several rallies across the country and world on Saturday.