Police seek suspects accused of stealing credit cards from Xperience Fitness; using them at Home Depot

BROOKFIELD — Brookfield police are seeking two suspects, a man and a woman, accused of stealing credit cards from locked lockers at Xperience Fitness.

One victim’s credit card was used down the road at Home Depot in Wauwatosa, and police say the suspects were caught on camera there.

According to police, the male used one victim’s credit card, and it went through. The female suspect used a second victim’s credit card, which was declined.

They were traveling in a maroon or red, larger SUV with a roof rack.

The male suspect had on a sweatshirt with emblems on the front and back, with the emblem on the back reading “Live Free” with a snake, and possibly “Die Hard” below that.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Brookfield police.