‘Invest in safety measures:’ Gov. Walker signs $100 million school safety plan into law in Kaukauna

KAUKAUNA — Governor Scott Walker on Monday, March 26 signed the $100 million school safety plan into law at Victor Haen Elementary School in Kaukauna — Assembly Bill 843.

“Our $100 million School Safety Plan will help ensure that every student, parent, and teacher feels safe at school,” said Governor Walker. “This bill provides important grant funding that will allow districts to invest in safety measures that will help protect against all threats. This will help protect our students and their future.”

The Assembly approved a plan on a 78-8 vote Thursday, March 22, that would lay out $100 million in grants for school security upgrades and require annual school safety drills. The Senate passed that legislation on Tuesday.

“The 1 percent of people or .1 percent who have committed a crime or have an issue where they should not be owning a firearm, are denied that like they should be under current law,” said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

Democrats call it a “fake bill” that will do “nothing” because it won’t expand background checks to private gun sales.

“Like Republicans in Washington, we’re seeing the governor and others trying to do the minimum,” said Democratic State Representative Gordon Hintz.

Governor Walker released the following statement thanking the Wisconsin State Legislature for approving the $100 million School Safety Plan:

“This plan focuses on ways we can help schools be safe, just like we did at the federal level ensuring that every airport and airplane were safe after 9/11. The same thing needs to be true for our schools across Wisconsin. I thank the Legislature for approving this plan on a bipartisan basis because no child, parent, or teacher should ever feel unsafe at school.”