‘Day of Service:’ Arborists remove trees that could pose safety concerns due to emerald ash borer

MILWAUKEE -- The entire state of Wisconsin is under quarantine due to the emerald ash borer.

The pest kills ash trees by living under the bark and feeding on the trees.

Members of the Wisconsin Arborist Association spent the day Wednesday, March 28 at Schlitz Audubon Nature Center. They removed trees that could pose safety concerns if they got infected.

Trees were removed from areas like parking lots, main trails or roads and near buildings.

"I believe we have about 55 to 60 trees that could potentially be taken down today. They're the most technical tress -- the ones that require real high-quality equipment and experienced professionals to do that work," said Marc White, director of conservation.

The work was part of the Arborist Association's "Day of Service." Eight companies sent out crews to help.