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Robotics Week at Discovery World will ‘feature robots of all shapes, sizes, and uses’

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Discovery World for Robotics Week. This event will feature robots of all shapes, sizes, and uses with a chance to meet their makers.

About Robotics Week (website)

Local FIRST Robotics Teams of all levels, university students, and professionals will be showcasing their engineering skills along with robots built for competition, industry, and entertainment.

Join us for this spectacular event, and light the spark for a career path in robotics!


  • Rockwell Automation – Featuring a Lightening Demo which allows four players to compete in a game that tests your reaction time to a sequence of lights – similar to the start of a drag race.

  • Meeper Technology – meeperBOTS are remote-control, programmable BOTS with free controller App that makes your brick blocks come alive! Build! Code! Drive! Stop by the Meeper interactive booth to build a BOT, drive it, and even code it!

  • FRC 1675 – Ultimate Protection Squad – FRC1675, The Ultimate Protection Squad, is an award-winning team of students from several MPS high schools. Interact with Punisher, the team’s most decorated robot, drive a VEX robot, and make a button to take home.

  • Waukesha County Technical College – Race against a robot through a wire maze while being timed.

  • LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robotic Demo – Enjoy these demos throughout the day!

  • Baxter – Join our resident robot for interactive demonstrations. You’ll be able to see how easy it is to “program” Baxter by teaching it what to do.

  • Spheros – These small spheroid robots are controlled from a tablet or smartphone. You’ll have a chance to operate a Sphero in a testing zone and see what kind of tricks they can do.

  • Cubelets® – Cubelets are a set of modular cube-shaped robots; some are motors, some are sensors, some are lights, etc. Cubelets are assembled by simply snapping them together – different combinations can create unique and innovative robots!