State appeals court refuses to delay special election order; Gov. Walker will not appeal to SCOWIS

MADISON -- A state appeals court has denied Gov. Scott Walker's request to delay a court order that he schedule special elections to fill two legislative vacancies in no uncertain terms.

Walker has refused to order special elections to fill Rep. Keith Ripp and Sen. Frank Lasee's seats. Both quit in December to join Walker's administration, saying the elections would confuse voters and amount to an unnecessary waste of tax dollars when regular elections are set for fall.

State law requires Walker to order special elections to fill vacancies that occur before May of an election year. A Madison judge last week ordered him to order the special elections by noon Thursday.

The state Justice Department asked the 2nd District Court of Appeals on Wednesday morning to give Walker until April 6 to call the elections. The court denied the request Wednesday afternoon, writing that electing representatives is never a waste of tax dollars and Walker is obligated to order special elections.

Gov. Scott Walker will not ask the state Supreme Court to delay the court order.

Gov. Walker says the two Wisconsin special elections will happen on June 12.