14 types of fish: The restaurant reeling in diners with their superb selection

MILWAUKEE -- They're packed week and week because they have one of the biggest fish selections in all of metro Milwaukee. Brian Kramp takes you to Kam's Thistle & Shamrock -- a fish fry hot spot.

A 84th and Lisbon sits a unique, multi-level building with a strange mix of a dinning room, two bars and...

"The ping pong table is there, the pool tables are there, the darts boards are there, the amusement only gambling machines are there," said Jack.

This is Kam's Thistle and Shamrock and it's known for its fish fry.

"Many people tell us it`s the best fish fry they've ever had," said Jack.

Kam's Thistle and Shamrock offers 14 different kinds of fish on Fridays.