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‘I thought that was awesome!’ Brewers surprise lucky fans on baseball’s Opening Day ⚾

MILWAUKEE -- Some lucky Milwaukee Brewers' fans on the city's east side woke up to find a postcard from the team's Opening Day starting pitcher, and that's not all!

Chances are, if you wake up to find something on your car's windshield, it's either benign or a fine!

"I haven't checked my car," said Alex Corcoran.

That wasn't the case on Thursday, March 29 in Milwaukee.

"He was like, going up and down the street," said Adam Houchens.

Adam Houchens

Somewhere along Humboldt Ave. on the east side, and without any discernible sequence, white enveloped showed up on more than a dozen windshields.

Rebecca Mantzke

"With a Brewers' logo," said Rebecca Mantzke. "Very intrigued."

Inside the envelopes was a message from Chase Anderson, and a four-pack of tickets.

Adam Houchens said he caught the person in the act, randomly placing the cards on windshields.

"I thought that was awesome!" said Corcoran.

"I came outside. He saw me and saw that I had a Brewers hat and said 'hey!'" said Houchens.

Alex Corcoran

Houchens was rewarded with an envelope, but not every car got one. Tickets of another kind floated nearby. You win some, you lose some!

The mysterious messenger hasn't been ID'd, and we don't know exactly how many tickets were gifted.

"Random act of kindness and I think it's pretty special," said Corcoran.

It's also unclear why this particular neighborhood was singled out.

"They should do that all the time, randomly," said Mantzke.

But what's more important is how the good deed made fans feel like they were crossing home plate.

"It feels good to actually feel like your baseball team is actually your team," said Houchens.