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Man finds rare Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig autograph card

VANCOUVER, WA — A Vancouver hobby shop owner has made an amazing find.

Steve Tingwall, the owner of Columbia Hobby, was livestreaming opening some boxes for customers when he decided to open a Panini National Treasures baseball box worth $400 – and found a Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig autograph card.

“Once I went through all the cards, I open it up and it’s just cut autographs,” Tingwall said. “I mean, you don’t see something like that. You just don’t. I have never seen a Babe Ruth autograph in person, much less open that for the shop or for myself. It’s incredible.”

Tingwell said he has received a couple of offers for the one-of-a-kind card already. He said it could sell between $20,000 to $25,000.

He said he does plan to sell the card at some point to help pay for his daughter’s college education.