‘Hands-on learning:’ Animal barn at Vincent High School inspires students interested in agriculture 🐄

Cliffron Cunningham

MILWAUKEE -- You might be surprised to hear that a high school in the City of Milwaukee has an on-site cow barn, but for the past three years, Vincent High School has been cultivating college and career opportunities some students never expected to have.

"For the lambs, if you want them to grow a certain way, you can't feed them as much hay. You've got to feed them more grains," said Cliffron Cunningham, Vincent High School student.

Cunningham and classmates demonstrated their agricultural knowledge on Wednesday, April 25.

"It's been fun because animal science is a hands-on learning class. As you can see, we actually get to come out here and walk the animals," said Cunningham.

Vincent High School hosted its second annual Agricultural Spring Showcase, which includes horticultural and animal science, environmental and food science and other areas.

"It's good to know it helps my college resume a lot more than other schools seeing I have an agricultural background," said Cunningham.

On Wednesday, Vincent High School junior, Nathan Hawkins, worked with Winny -- the sole horse on the Vincent farm.

Hawkins is one of several students preparing for the Wisconsin State Fair.

"We're going to have a pretty big State Fair presence. We've got 11 students interested showing at State Fair this year, up from three last year," said Hawkins.

You may recall, in January, Vincent's cows, Thelma and Louise took a walk and had to be captured.

Vincent High School cows on the loose near 91st and Good Hope courtesy: Clyde Gibbs

Vincent High School cows on the loose courtesy Matt Lambrecht

"They are doing good. We are working with them everyday," an official said.

Several college representatives were scheduled to visit with students on Wednesday about furthering their education in agricultural sciences.