Taste trends: What’s hot when it comes to desserts being served up at weddings

MILWAUKEE -- Wedding season is here - and the next nuptials you attend may not include a traditional cake. Pastry chef Rebekah Radewahn with The Delafield Hotel joins Real Milwaukee to talk about the latest sweet treat trends.

The wedding cake is not going away, and traditional styles are flavors are still quite popular. However, people are getting more creative.

Rather than vanilla or chocolate, these flavors seem to be trending up:

  • Floral/herbal flavors like lavender, lemon-thyme, rose, cherry blossom, or violet

The Royal Wedding cake was Elderflower

  • Tropical flavors like coconut, passion fruit, guava, or lime
  • Beverage inspired flavors, like London fog, Mexican hot chocolate, or salted caramel
  • Rebekah has even done snickerdoodle, peanut butter, matcha tea, and black sesame